Welcome to AutoD2 the next generation botting.

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AutoD2 was one of the best bot for diablo 2 ever made.

Today we are proud to announce you that AutoD2 is live again. Faster than ever it'll bring you to a whole new generation of botting. It is faster , safer and easier to set than D2NT.


  • You can set your own difficulty.
  • Choose your Realm.
  • No need to config any ini files. AutoD2 does it himself.
  • You can follow any game.
  • And way more.



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Q: The bot keep crashing what can i do?

A: Try to re-install D2 this might fix the problem.

Q: What is the recommended lvl to run this bot?

A: It depends what mode you want to run your bot however we recommend 85 and higher.



Q: Why when I use follow mode the bot doesn't join any game?

A: That is maybe because there's no such a game with that name or the pass isn't good.

Q: Do i need "teleport" skill to run this bot?

A: You don't , however it may takes a while to complete a single run.

Q: Can I choose which boss I want to kill?

A: Not yet. It'll come in the next version. Now the bot kills Andy , Meph , Diablo and baal

Q: My question isn't there. What can I do to have help?

A: Leave us a message using the form below.



Download Section.

Here you will find the AutoD2jsp package. Once downloaded simply extract , run . fill the informations asked and click Okay. Happy botting

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AutoD2 Download : Link

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